The network revolutionizing financial service

Join FinFirst network by becoming a banking partner and start converting more customers with your loan and financial service offerings than ever before.

Enable faster loan applications, boost conversions

FinFirst enables bank partners across the MENA an opportunity to diversify their channels for loan and financial service offerings through our match-making super mobile app and platform. 

By becoming a banking partner, you’ll be joining a revolution in the financial services experience, starting by enabling your customers to make loan applications in less than 10 minutes. 

Our match-making super app is designed to improve customers experience in the financial services industry, making the experience as easy as it is to book a flight or hotel on a mobile app today.

The results are clear: (after rejecting poor leads based on bank criteria)

This conversation rate is exponentially higher compared to price comparison sites, digital ads and organic traffic

Price comparison site

Converted leads received from price comparison sites.

Paid digital ads

Converted leads received from paid ads that the bank runs on social media and search engines


Converted leads received from visitors of the website who are looking for your bank.


Converted leads received from Finfirst after we rejected poor leads based on bank’s criteria.

Acquire customer for your entire product portfolio through FinFirst

Let’s face it: It is a digital world

Customers are thus increasingly less likely to make personal bank visits. Studies show that 67% of financial decisions are made based on online research.  

Instead of sending emails or getting lost in Google search, consumers and SMEs can now simply pick up their phone and access all your services in the palm of their hand.

Value proposition

Frictionless customer engagement

Break the barriers to customer with a digital first solution.

Marketing & brand support

Dedicated support work directly to address bank’s needs.

Data analytic insights

Get market insights in real time.

Grow market share

New customer for current accounts, payroll accounts, and loans.

Seamless technology

An end-to-end financial services with advanced AI matching. No interface required with bank system

Easy to get started

Quick sign up and start getting new customers.

Reduce cost

Less branches, less direct sales costs.


Data driven market decision.

Personalized experience

Highly customized

No plug to play

No integration with bank systems.

As a partner you will:

Convert and acquire customers

We filter and screen all new applications that match with your criteria as you receive only matched applicants.

Provide a better digital experience

Participating in the digital revolution will show customers that your bank is young and fresh.

Gain valuable customer insights

Our analytics allows partners access to real time insights of how customers interact with your product portfolios, empowering you to make more informed decisions.

Give your product portfolio a digital edge. Become a FinFirst partner today

Acquire customers from a high-conversion digital channel that will boost brand equity in the eyes of digital consumers

Improve the vetting process by receiving applications that have passed through an AI-powered recommendation and matching aggregator

Analyze valuable market insights from customer interactions with your products