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Our mission

Finfirst was created to make financial services accessible to the masses (businesses and consumers) without the need of physical interaction and friction of paper and bureaucracy.

“We believe that applying for financial products should be as easy and convenient as booking a vacation to Rome or Dubai.”

Our values

We believe we live in a positive world that requires us to be candid but respectful, assertive but open to new ideas and “we” love to work in teams.

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Meet our team

FinFirst teams are based across the globe. Our international mix of cultures can be seen in the results of our products, which aim to be local in focus but global in appeal.

Abbas Hijazi

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Afrah A Al Hubail

Operations Manager

Zeinab Chebli

Business Development Manager

Mohamed Khalil

Sales Manager/Consumer Banking

Sara Zalzale

Lead Graphic Design

Pritam Pradhan

Technical Product Manager

Mehak Fatima

Lead Frontend Engineer

Anton Infant

Lead Devops Engineer

Harris Khan

Business Analyst