Launch of the FinFirst App in Kuwait

April 29, 2021

FinFirst Capital, the Kuwaiti company specializing in financial technology, has revealed the introduction of the new and secure FinFirst application, to form a new market that facilitates and accelerates financial services at the level of customers and the corporate sector alike.

FinFirst is a paradigm shift in financial services, providing clients with transparent and easy-to-use reliable digital financial services, through four main service hubs. The app concept was developed from a multinational team of financial and technical experts headed by Abbas Hijazi, CEO of FinFirst Capital.

“The FinFirst app provides our partners – banks, insurance companies and auto dealerships – with instant growth potential by matching their standards and needs with customers’ demands, thus providing real-time approval, ”Hijazi said. For customers, the FinFirst application provides a high-level user experience that is available around the clock and is distinguished by its independence, to provide them with information on specific products that best meet their requirements, and to enable them to apply for loans and other financing services wherever they are with ease and convenience.”

Hijazi added that the application provides customers with many benefits and services without imposing any fees on them, such as reviewing the services provided by banks, customer opinions and evaluations, comparing product options, submitting requests, and completing banking transactions procedures in an integrated manner and through all its stages, adding that «the application will contribute to granting clients have more experience and information about the available financial services.”

He added that the FinFirst application helps small and medium-sized companies to speed up their necessary funding to grow their business, through a simple process of registering a new account on the application, they can access approvals on their applications and save time and effort.

“As for banks, the application provides a continuous digital presence around the clock in front of more than 100,000 customers, as well as customer matching service with financial and banking products and appropriate services to enhance efficiency in data analysis and customer service thanks to built-in and dedicated algorithms,” he added.

For her part, Afrah Al Hubail, Director of Operations, at the company, said: “FinFirst allows financial service providers to be an active part of the digital experience that both customers and SMEs seek in our time, along with access to valuable insights and analysis to make better-informed decisions and advance. With their products and strategies”.

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