Connected Fintech by HSBC MENAT and Talle

June 20, 2021

FinFirst app is considered a quantum leap in financial services, as it provides clients with reliable, transparent and easy fintech services through partners.

In this episode we see how FinFirst’s sophisticated credit scoring engine saves businesses from losing time on failed loan applications. ‘Connected Fintech’ is an interview series hosted by HSBC’s Head of Innovation in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, Pam Attebery. Pam sits down with the entrepreneurs who participated in the most recent Fintech Hive Accelerator program in Dubai.

Finfirst a fintech revolution

The growing popularity of financial technologies has been a common subject in both consumer and business environments. Fintech technology promised open access to data, hassle-free banking experiences and reasonable deals for customers.

Yet only small steps have been taken concerning this vision. Until now we have only really witnessed a cautious adoption of this technology as consumers, this is why we have created Finfirst.

“The FinFirst app provides our partners – banks, insurance companies, and auto dealerships – with the potential to grow instantly, by matching their standards and needs with customer demands, and providing real-time approval,” Hijazi said.

The implementation concept was developed by a multinational team of financial and technical experts headed by Abbas Hijazi, CEO of FinFirst Capital. The application provides a continuous digital presence around the clock. In addition to customer matching service with financial and banking products and appropriate services, to enhance efficiency in data analysis and customer service thanks to built-in and dedicated algorithms.

This revolution in fintech will grant customers the ability to many benefits and services without imposing any fees on them, such as reviewing the services provided by banks, customer opinions and evaluations, comparing product options, submitting requests, and completing banking transactions procedures in an integrated manner and across all its stages without the need of physical interaction and friction of paper and bureaucracy.

With FinFirst, you can gain access to different loans and other products instantly and digitally, without even leaving your home or your office.

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