Fintech App in Kuwait

August 10, 2020

*An opportunity to grow banks operations, insurance companies, and auto dealerships … immediately

FinFirst Capital, a company specialized in financial technology, has launched the new and safe “FinFirst” application in the Kuwaiti market, to form a new market that facilitates and accelerates financial services at the level of customers and the corporate sector in Kuwait alike.

The application of “FinFirst” is considered a quantum leap in financial services, as it provides clients with reliable, transparent and easy digital financial services, through 4 main hubs for services through partners.

The implementation concept was developed by a multinational team of financial and technical experts headed by Abbas Hijazi, CEO of FinFirst Capital.

“The FinFirst app provides our partners – banks, insurance companies, and auto dealerships – with the potential to grow instantly, by matching their standards and needs with customer demands, and providing real-time approval,” Hijazi said.

The application provides a continuous digital presence around the clock. In addition to customer matching service with financial and banking products and appropriate services, to enhance efficiency in data analysis and customer service thanks to built-in and dedicated algorithms. “The FinFirst application provides a high-level user experience that is available around the clock to provide customers with information on specific products that best meet their requirements, and to enable them to apply for loans and other financing services easily wherever they are.” he added.

The application provides customers with many benefits and services without imposing any fees on them, such as reviewing the services provided by banks, customer opinions and evaluations, comparing product options, submitting requests, and completing banking transactions procedures in an integrated manner and across all its stages.

“FinFirst allows financial services providers to be an active part of the digital experience that customers and SMEs seek in our time, as well as access to valuable insights and analysis to make better-informed decisions and advance their products and strategies,” said Afrah Al-Hubail, the company’s chief operating officer.

“The application will constitute a comprehensive and integrated solution and destination for financial services that meet the needs of customers quickly, while our methodology will contribute to granting banks, insurance companies, and car agents higher rates of communication with customers, in addition to reducing the cost of attracting customers,” she added.

She pointed to the success of the FinFirst application during the pre-launch trial period, which lasted from March to June this year, by achieving a growth in the number of transactions by 100 percent on a monthly basis, and receiving 130 applications for loans to small and medium-sized companies, amounting to 10 million. Dinars equivalent to 32 million dollars.

She explained that this comes at a time when the company has drawn great ambitions for application at the global level, so that its plans aim to gain a leading position in 5 countries, indicating that it has succeeded in establishing partnerships with local and international banks, financing companies, retailers and auto agencies, to complete financing transactions of $ 100 million by End of 2021.

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