Appointing Members of the “FinFirst Capital” Executive Management Team

September 18, 2020

FinFirst, the Kuwaiti company specialized in financial technology, which recently launched a new and secure application in Kuwait to provide a new market that facilitates and expedites financial services at the level of clients and the sector, announced the appointment of a team of the most prominent experts in the sector in its executive management with the aim of stimulating the possibility of achieving its ambitions in the global markets.

The company has set great ambitions to include gaining a leading position in five countries, after the success of partnering with local and international banks, financing companies, retailers and auto agencies, with the aim of completing financing transactions of 100 million USD by the end of 2021.

Kuwaiti Afrah Abdul Qader Al-Hubail will assume the position of Chief Operating Officer, and she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the Gulf University in Bahrain and a Marketing Diploma from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in London. Executive positions at Gulf Bank – Kuwait, and Unicap Investment and Finance.
In her position, at FinFirst Capital, she will be responsible for day-to-day operations including marketing, and will collaborate closely with CEO Abbas Hijazi on setting and realizing the company’s vision, goals and growth strategies.

In this regard, Abbas Hijazi said: We fully trust Afrah’s capabilities due to her wide leadership and management skills, as well as her open-mindedness, flexibility and ability to innovate, qualities that are in line with the ethics and aspirations of FinFirst Capital optimally.

Mohamed Khalil Al-Sayed, Retail Banking & Financial Services Expert, Retail Sales Manager, has also been appointed. Muhammad held the position of Director of Retail Sales at Kuwait International Bank, and he holds a Bachelor of Laws from Alexandria University and more than ten years of experience in the sector, during which he held administrative positions at Kuwait International Bank, Boubyan Bank in Kuwait, Gulf Bank in Kuwait, Commercial International Bank in Egypt, and ALICO Egypt. .

Mohammed will be fully responsible for developing Capital FinFirst’s relationships with retail banking clients, in parallel with planning, managing and controlling direct sales functions.

Capital FinFirst has appointed e-commerce expert Zainab Shibli as its Business Development Manager. Ms. Shibli is fluent in three languages, and holds a master’s degree in digital business administration from the University of Liverpool, a certificate in the art of negotiation from the Harvard Business School online, and a BA in Marketing Management from the American University of Kuwait. Over the past five years, she has developed her career in e-commerce in the trading and retail sectors in the region.

In her new position, Zainab will be responsible for generating revenue, managing client accounts, and developing new sales strategies including presentations and business plans.

Sara Zalzali has also been appointed to the position of Senior Graphic Designer, who will be responsible for all the visual aspects of the app, with a focus on inspiring, informing and acquiring consumers. Sarah, a visual communications graduate from the Gulf University for Science and Technology in Kuwait, has five years of experience in the retail sectors in Beirut and education in Kuwait.

Commenting on the appointment of the new team, Hegazy added: “The appointment of the new executive management team demonstrates the extent of our focus on the executive and operational sides with the launch of our business in Kuwait, where they will join a larger team that includes the most prominent experts and engineers from Kuwait, Lebanon, India, Pakistan and Romania. This team brings together a carefully selected group of financial and technical experts who will work to guide FinFirst Capital’s march towards achieving its mission to bring about a radical change in the finance sector and to provide transparent services to its clients, whether in terms of business, retail banking, auto financing, or insurance.

During the trial period prior to the launch, which lasted from March to June this year, the FinFirst application succeeded in achieving a growth in the number of transactions by 100% on a monthly basis, and now provides its services to more than 4 thousand customers, most of them Kuwaitis working in administrative positions, and it has processed 85 applications for loans amounting to about 10 million Kuwaiti dinars, equivalent to 32 million US dollars.

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