Fortune: 15% Corporate Earnings Growth for Diversity and Gender Equality

November 20, 2020

Fortune magazine analyzed the data of 500 elite companies, according to their classification regarding the issue of the number of women and men working for these companies, and came to the conclusion that companies that adopted the concept of diversity and equality between men and women achieved an increase in their profits by 15 percent compared to those that did not.

Fortune Magazine: 500 companies, with a high percentage of women participating in their boards of directors, clearly outperformed the rest of the companies participating in the survey.

The World Economic Forum issued a report at its annual meeting last year describing the impact of gender balance in the work environment as pivotal, and the report also warned that achieving global gender balance completely may take about a hundred years.

As we enter the twenties of the twenty-first century and approach the end of the “Covid 19” period, we must re-evaluate our roles, efforts and attitudes to contribute to achieving gender equality within the work environment.

Empowering women in the economic sector and eliminating differences between men and women in the work environment is an essential step for achieving the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations. The fifth goal focuses on achieving gender equality, while the eighth goal includes the need to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, productive employment and decent work for all.

The first goal related to poverty eradication, the second goal that focuses on eliminating hunger, the third goal, which emphasizes the importance of everyone enjoying healthy lifestyles and well-being at all ages, and the tenth goal related to reducing inequalities, also play an important role in achieving these endeavors.

Therefore, the official commitment of the G20 leaders to encourage the participation of an additional 100 million women in the labor market by 2025 is good news for activists in this field.

It is imperative to act on the ground, not only by providing opportunities for women, but also by ensuring that they receive a wage that matches the effort you are making, as part of the efforts that continuously strive to achieve these goals.

Unfortunately, however, the United Nations indicated that women around the world earn only 77 cents for every dollar their male counterparts receive, and the organization clarifies that this apparent disparity in average wages between men and women continues in all countries and within all sectors as a result of the lack of appreciation of women’s work, in addition to It indicates that women work in a specific job group that differs from that of men.

FinFirst Capital, the Kuwaiti company specialized in financial technology, is committed to achieving parity in its work environment, as women constitute 42 percent of the company’s current employees, and hold 75 percent of its prominent positions. We believe that gender equality in the workplace is the cornerstone of any commercial or social success.

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