FinFirst App Best Instant Loan Online in Less Than 10 Minutes

April 27, 2021

*The digital market provides instant loan online with just 20 clicks from anywhere
*Currently available on Google Play Store

FinFirst, the secure digital financial services marketplace app, has revealed a host of features that allow users to search for loans from anywhere, anytime, and directly communicate with the best financial institutions to submit loan applications.

The loan application feature is one of the many features and services offered by the FinFirst integrated financial app. The application, which is currently available on the Google Play Store, works to make a fundamental change in the sector by cutting out physical paperwork and routine procedures.

On this occasion, Afrah Al Hubail, Chief Operating Officer, Capital FinFirst in Kuwait, said: “The FinFirst app helps speed up various traditional application processes. Users can compare the best loan offers offered by different banks through the online search and matching feature, and apply for a loan instantly in less than 10 minutes for most transactions. The application also enables the completion of the application processes, conformity, acceptance and approval of documents with approximately 20 clicks.

FinFirst’s free digital features offer exceptional benefits to those seeking business, personal, real estate and travel insurance, in an incredibly simple and fast process. FinFirst expects a sharp rise in demand for digital financial services, in parallel with the increasing number of digital solutions users during the lockdown period resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Most searches for financial services and other products are done digitally at the moment, as customers are moving towards more comfortable shopping experiences,” Al Hubail added. And customers in all age groups prefer to use digital technology, especially during the closure period, because it provides easier and faster operations that can be completed from anywhere and at any time. Research also shows that the digital services sector performs better than its non-digital counterpart. FinFirst also plays a pivotal role in financing small and medium-sized companies by enabling them to access and compare the offers of different financing institutions, in addition to reducing the time required to complete these tasks in traditional ways.”

FinFirst is working to revolutionize the financial services sector by providing transparent services through its application in the areas of corporate banking, retail banking, auto finance and insurance. It provides partners with instant growth potential by matching their standards and requirements with client accounts.

“By providing them with data analytics, our partner service providers can access in-depth information that enables them to make their decisions about how to improve their products to boost business growth. Whereas, our method of paying by lending will contribute to giving them higher rates of communication with customers, as well as reducing the cost of customer acquisition.”

Finfirst has succeeded in achieving 100% growth in the number of transactions on a monthly basis, and now provides services to more than 4,000 customers, most of whom are Kuwaitis working in management positions. The application also processed 85 applications for loans amounting to about 10 million Kuwaiti dinars (32.5 million US dollars).

About FinFirst Capital

Financial technology company FinFirst Capital is dedicated to providing clients with transparent and reliable financial services through its mobile application, in four main areas: corporate banking, retail banking, auto finance and insurance.

The company launched the new and secure FinFirst application for smart devices in Kuwait, forming a leading market that facilitates and accelerates financial services at both the customer and sector levels. The application provides banks with the potential for immediate growth by providing promising prospects of real-time prosperity opportunities for more than 100,000 customers through a continuous digital presence around the clock and ensures matching their standards and requirements with customer accounts, providing appropriate solutions and services, and enhancing efficiency in data analysis and customer service. Thanks to its built-in and dedicated algorithms.

For customers, the FinFirst app enables a customized, world-class user experience round the clock, providing them with information on specific products that best meet their requirements, and enabling them to apply for loans and other financing services wherever they are.

The FinFirst app also helps SMEs accelerate their access to the financing they need to grow their business. With a simple process of registering a new account on the app, they can obtain approvals and save time and effort.

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