Getting started

What information do I need to fill in the application form?
  • Three years’ financial information
  • Company information, including Commercial Registration Number and Company Civil ID
  • Your banking details, including IBAN
  • Your Civil ID number
  • Personal information about the company director(s)

After confirming your first tentative offer, you will need scanned copies of the official or legal documents a lender may require you to upload. This may vary from lender to lender. At a minimum, you will need your Civil ID, your company’s audited financial statements and Article of Association document.

After confirming a final offer, you will need to upload additional documentation. This may vary from lender to lender and will depend on the type of loan you are requesting.

What is the process involved in completing an application form?

The interface is very intuitive – there are just six sections to complete in sequential order, after which you can sit back and wait for a response. We will notify you by email but you can log in to the app anytime to check the loan’s status.

  • Loan details
  • Company details
  • Company address
  • Business owner details
  • Bank details
  • Financial report
I have accepted an offer. What do I do next?

There are two types of offers, a tentative one and a final one. After accepting a tentative offer, you will need to upload the required documents. After doing so, at the top of the screen you will see the date by which the lender will notify you if your application has been approved.

If approved, you will receive details of the final offer. At this stage, you can accept or reject the offer, or you can request different terms. If you accept an offer, you may need to upload additional documents, and you will need to go to the lender’s nearest branch to finalize your loan. When you accept an offer, FinFirst offers email functionality so you can quickly make an appointment online.


Can I have multiple loans using different email accounts?

No. Technically, you can buck the system, but lenders will notice you are requesting multiple loans and reject your application. They may even blacklist you.


How is my application matched to a lender?

We use an algorithm that includes various criteria based on the requirements of the financial institutions on our platform. For instance, some lenders are willing to make loans for startups, while others will not lend money to businesses younger than three years. Some lenders specialize in loans to companies in specific industries or only deal with short-term loans. There are even lenders who will take on customers with bad credit, others will not. FinFirst ensures you don’t waste time applying to financial institutions who are unlikely to give you a loan. Our matching system improves the possibility of you finding a loan with just one application.

What if I don't get matched with a financial institution?

We will notify you immediately if you don’t get matched. You can always submit a new loan request as we are continuously adding new lenders to our platform. It is recommended that if your application is rejected, you review your financial situation. Some of the criteria lenders take into account include business performance, collateral, capital, credit score, debts and credit history. You could try to improve these criteria or request a smaller loan.

How do I cancel my application?

You do not cancel your application, per se. Instead, you reject an offer. This can occur at two stages in the application process: you may reject a tentative offer and a final offer. In the second scenario, after receiving a final offer, you may accept it, reject it or request different terms.

How long does the financing request process take?

It depends on the bank. After you submit a loan application, you will immediately see the date you can expect to be notified of the outcome. You do have some say in the matter: when you apply for a loan, in the Loan Details section, you can select the date you wish the loan to commence. In addition, some lenders may boast faster turnaround times than others. (You will see this in the Details section for each offer in the Matches List. For this reason, you should review all tentative offers for the one that best matches your requirements.)

Can I apply to multiple lenders at once?

No, you may only apply to one offer at a time. The primary reason for this is that you are matched with the most suitable lenders right up front. Once you select the best option to suit your requirements, the chances are strong that you will be made an offer. The FinFirst app was designed to save everyone a lot of time.

Completing the application form

How can I change the information I submitted on my application?

Once you have submitted an application, you cannot change the information. Until then, you can make changes.

To change information after submitting the form – for instance, you may decide you need more funds – you must wait for a response from the lender, reject the original application, and then create a new one. In some cases, when you reject an application, you may be given the opportunity to request to adjust the terms.

What happens if I enter inaccurate information?

Mistakes cannot be rectified after you submit an application. Any information you submit is verified against the documents you upload and matched with official electronic records. This is an automated process to a large extent, although a human must give final approval for your application. If your application is rejected because of inaccurate information, you may reapply.

What is a company brief? Can I keep it empty?

The brief is important as FinFirst uses it to match you with lending institutions willing to lend money to your kind of business. If you leave it empty, you risk being unmatched.

In your brief (in the Company details section) you should include:

  • Your business’s revenue streams
  • If your company is a parent company, the name and commercial registration of all subsidiaries
  • If your company is a subsidiary, the name and commercial registration of the parent company
Why is the financial report not balancing?
  • Total Assets should equal Total Liabilities plus Equity.
  • Complete all fields, including 0 values (i.e. don’t leave a field blank).
  • Make sure you have opened each section, indicated by the down arrow.

  Please wait for the system to complete all calculations in the background. With slow connections, this may take a few seconds.

Note: The system will not allow you to continue until you select an auditor at the top of the page.

Can I apply for a loan without having a commercial ID and registration number?

Technically, you can enter fictitious details as FinFirst uses a specific algorithm to match your application with the most suitable lenders. This algorithm does not check this data. However, you will be penalized when your application goes through the approval process as these details are used by the lender to verify your company’s financial records.

Which fields are mandatory?

All fields are mandatory in the application form. This is one reason it is so easy and fast to apply for a loan online. FinFirst ensures you only need to input necessary information and there are no duplicate fields.

Documents and financial information

What financial data does FinFirst require?

Before you can submit an application for approval, FinFirst requires financial information about your business for the last three years.

See: [Fields on the application form]

Can I sign digitally?

Not all countries allow electronic signatures. Kuwait allows digital signing in a number of scenarios but not for business loans. In this case, you will need to go to your nearest branch to sign the final documents. (Some lenders have a door-to-door courtesy service.) However, in the future, customers based in countries which allow it will be able to sign electronically.

What documents will I need to upload?

After you accept a tentative offer, you will need to upload documents to verify the information you entered in the application form. After you accept a final offer, you may need to upload additional documents relevant to the type and conditions of the loan you are requesting.


  • KYC documents – Civil ID, Passport or any proof of ID
  • Three years’ audited financial statements
  • Six months’ bank statements
  • Managed accounts for current financial year
  • Article of Association dodcument
  • Commercial registration
  • Corporate and personal guarantees
  • CBK Authorisation Form
  • Business feasibility information
  • Land-related documents

How does FinFirst work?

Does FinFirst charge any upfront fees?

No. FinFirst is totally free to use. There are no hidden costs to you, the lender.

Does having a guarantor improve my chances of finding a financing offer?

If you are using a guarantor because your financial position is not very strong at the time, a guarantor can improve your chances. However, financial institutions will assess your guarantor’s income, assets, debts, and other pertinent information.

Is FinFirst a direct lender?

No. FinFirst matches you with lenders who may be willing to fund you based on certain criteria.

How many types of business financing do you offer?

FinFirst currently offers five types of business financing.

  1. Asset purchase financing
  2. Business expansion
  3. Working capital
  4. Invoice financing
  5. Fleet financing
Can I have multiple business loans with FinFirst?

Yes. However, you cannot have more than one account. You can create multiple accounts with different email addresses but the system will pick up duplicate loan applications and reject them.

Why do I have to go into a branch to complete the process?

Currently, Kuwait law does not allow electronic signatures for loans. The good news is that some lenders offer a door-to-door service to expedite final processing.

I currently have a loan from a bank. Can I apply for a new loan?

Yes. When you fill in the application form, including your current debts, FinFirst will see you have another loan and match you with lenders who are willing to offer you a new loan. Lenders will consider all your current financial obligations.


What is a tentative offer?

After you submit a loan application, FinFirst gives you a list of the best offers to match your requirements. This is called a Matches List. While it may be tempting to select an offer based solely on APR and the repayment terms, you should review each offer in detail before making a decision. For instance, some lenders offer limited special offers or discounts.

How do I compare financing options on FinFirst?

After you submit a loan application, you will first receive a list of tentative offers (matches) from lenders. Each offer will include details of the loan, including APR, repayment amount, loan term, charges, etc. The system handily lists the pros (What you’ll love) and cons (Think about) of each offer. You should browse these features for each offer to compare your financing options.

How will I find out about my financing offers?

After you submit a loan application, you will immediately see the date you can expect to be notified of the outcome. You will also receive an email. Whenever you log into your account, the dashboard will display the stage of your application, e.g. waiting for approval or received final offer.

Am I obligated to accept an offer?

No. After you receive a final offer, you are given the option to accept or reject it. If you reject an offer, you may be given the option make changes to the terms of the loan.

What will my rates be?

Each bank that matches your requirements will submit their best rates. The rate is largely dependent on your calculated risk profile. Some of the things lenders take into consideration include credit history, cash flow, business projections, assets and liabilities, available collateral, business plan, even reputation. Reputation assessment may include your prior relationship with the lender, and relationship with reputable suppliers and repeat customers. While a risk profile is generated using complex algorithms, final approval lies with a human.


How secure is my information?

FinFirst is committed to protecting your privacy and your data. Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Note: A consultant will never ask for your password and you should not reveal it to anyone.

I think someone accessed my FinFirst account. What should I do?

You should immediately contact FinFirst. Unless you have been blocked from your account, you should also change your password.


Business Financing

Small business financing enables SMEs and entrepreneurs to obtain the money to start a new business, purchase an existing business, obtain funding for current activities, or expand their business. It can also help companies get through financial difficulties, like cash flow problems. FinFirst can help you to:

  • Expand your business – E.g. add a new product line or expand to a new geographic location (even go global)
  • Invest in new assets – E.g. purchase new or upgrade equipment, or invest in real estate
  • Finance your unpaid invoices – When cash flow is tight, invoice financing can ensure businesses can still pay employees and supplies, and provides instant cash for investment and growth
  • Working capital – Unexpected events can have financial implications; working capital allows businesses to access money for emergency payments
Matching percentage

This indicates how much the lender and you match based on the criteria we. We use it to ensure you get the best offers from lenders who are willing to lend you money.