Auto Loan in Kuwait

May 25, 2021

Did you find the car that suits you but lack the necessary financing? Our mission is to enable you to make smarter financial decisions when considering auto loan in Kuwait.

We have found the right auto loan financing products.
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Car Loan

The FinFirst app provides a comprehensive list of car prices across different models sold in Kuwait.
At FinFirst, we are keen to provide the best auto loan financing solutions that are compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia in order to provide with the car of your dreams.

So what features do we take into consideration when purchasing a new or used vehicle?

We have filtered car categories according to their features and your taste Through our premium application, you can even choose the most suitable vehicle for your request. Whether it is new or used, we will help you and recommend you to choose a car that suits your lifestyle. Here are some of the features:

Horse Power

Having a vehicle with high torque and high horsepower is definitely impressive, except that it is not really that important to many shoppers. If you have a high-performance car, you will definitely have a lot of fun driving it, but for the daily tasks your car needs to perform, lower horsepower is often the right decision.


When you’re behind the wheel of your car , whether you’re driving alone or with a passengers, safety should always be on the top of your mind. Spending some time learning about basic car safety is the first step towards safer driving on the road. The Safest Cars For 2021.


Comfort for us is also a matter of safety. We found that a comfortable, fatigue-free driver is more relaxed and the person is more likely to pay better attention to driving than a person who is agonized by an unsupported seat or is annoyed by rough riding and road noise.

Fuel efficient

Fuel economy is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new vehicle. Fuel-efficient cars help reduce pollution and smog by at least 50%. What Are the Most Fuel-Efficient Cars for 2021?

Vehicle financing

To understand how to get a good interest rate on a car loan, it is necessary to know the factors that determine the interest rate that the bank will charge. Check this article for more information “How do you get the best loan to finance a new car?”
There are many factors that affect the interest rate: the down payment – the term of the loan – the age of the car …

Due to the different terms of auto finance provided by banks and financial companies, buyers should know how to search for the best financing options in order to enhance the value they get for their money paid.

New technological innovations provide ideal solutions to these challenges. Content aggregation applications for banking and financial services stand out here as tools that facilitate the process of applying for car financing, and provide users with the ability to compare interest and different offers on one platform.

Documents required when applying for auto loan in Kuwait

A copy of the identity card
Your business details
Account statement
salary certificate
Salary continuation certificate
passport copy

You can insert these documents in an easy way through our quick application, Download FinFirst and stop wasting your time.



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