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4 universal reasons why remote working is the future

Remote working has long been on the rise. But the sudden global necessity to begin working from home full time may have a lasting impact on the popularity of remote working as more companies discover the true meaning of “less is more.” Across the globe, there is now realization that working from home means less […]


How to Compare Business Loans by Type and Deal

Growing your business demands quick and regular access to finance. Yet, the difficulty to compare business loans and acquire fast funding is one of the biggest challenges that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face in Kuwait today. As a result, business owners and financial managers often get trapped in a familiar and frustrating process: Confusing […]


Do I Need a Financial Advisor? Try a Business Loan Marketplace Instead

A business needs many components to thrive: HR, marketing, sales and financial teams. However, few things keep a CEO up at night as much as financial worries about raising new funds. To raise funds and access the right capital resources, many businesses have traditionally hired an independent financial advisor to map out their investment and […]

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“Every bank needs to move into fintech”: Fahad AlSharekh, Founder of TechInvest

Fintech solutions are rapidly improving how we experience financial services. How quickly regional banks adopt new technology will ultimately define their legacy — and market share. In Kuwait, strong digital infrastructure and an entrepreneurial mindset have positioned the nation as a high-potential incubator for fintech. Fahad AlSharekh, Founder of TechInvest, a VC and Private Equity […]

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Match With The Right Bank For You: Why We Built a Loan Marketplace That Personalizes Digital Banking

The current online loan comparison system has some obvious flaws. If you want to apply for a loan, today’s marketplace presents you with several frustrating hurdles: You can’t customize your research of all bank products You can’t apply quickly because documentation uploads are complicated You can’t get rewarded for being a repeat customer on loan […]


Everything you need to know about how to get good interest rates for car loans

Purchasing a car can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. It is usually a big expense and — given the impact a car has on your life — an event that deserves a lot of research. How to best finance this purchase is the most common challenge. Today, a large percentage of car purchases are […]